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3 Ways to Prepare Your Home Before Listing

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When listing your home in Southern California, it needs to shine. It needs to look its best to stand above the competition. What are some ways to get your home show-ready?

  1. Use the 3-item rule. We ask our sellers to limit each countertop to 3 items. This rule creates calmness, promotes open spaces, and avoids clutter.
  2. Boost curb appeal with green grass, beautiful flowers, fresh coats of paint, and more. It sets the tone for prospective buyers before they even step foot inside your home.
  3. Smell-proof your entire home. Utilize candles and cookies in the oven. Appealing fragrances and distinct scents can grab a buyer’s attention, further envisioning themselves living inside your home.

We want your property to be exposed to the right people! We want the best buyers to view it. We ultimately want to market your home to everyone.


If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home in the surrounding area, reach me by phone or email. I’m delighted to answer any real estate questions you might have!